EXCLUSIVE: Watch The Tailer for "BLAME" in Theaters 2018

Blame is meant to explore the awkward period when girls first discover they have sex appeal.

It's the latest film to surely have a Break Out film start of the 2018 new year: INTENSE!

Blame, a movie about teenage sexuality, and the damage it can cause. The movie follows Abigail (Quinn Shephard, who also directs), a high schooler reemerging after a stint in a psych ward. She starts a friendship with her English teacher Jeremy, played by Chris Messina, which teeters on the edge of inappropriate. Abigail earns the role of Abigail in The Crucible, maybe because Jeremy favors her. Melissa (Nadia Alexander) is immediately suspicious of their friendship, maybe because she's jealous of their relationship.

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in May to much acclaim. (Nadia Alexander won the Tribeca Film Festival Jury award for her role.) Shephard, who is just 22, is a first-time director. She was just 15 when she envisioned the film, which is why the movie feels so completely accurate.

Mudbound (2017)

October 11

2017 2h 15m

In racially divided post-World War II Mississippi, two men -- one black and one white -- forge a friendship based on their shared war experiences.

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Mary J. Blige

Genres: Dramas, International Dramas, Dramas based on Books, Independent Dramas, 20th Century Period Pieces, Independent Movies, International Movies

Director: Dee Rees

Office Space (1999, R) 

July 6

Office Space (1999, R) 
Short: Legal Smuggling by Lewie Kloster 
DJ Atropolis

Pariah (2011, R)

July 13

Pariah (2011, R) 
Short: Bayard & Me by Matt Wolf 
DJ Reborn

Casablanca (1942, PG) 

July 20

Casablanca (1942, PG) 
Short: Victor & Isolina by William D. Caballero 
DJ Emch

The Lego Movie (2014, G) 

July 27

The Lego Movie (2014, G) 
Short: All The Things by Chris Guyot, The Rusted Pixel, and John Poon 
DJ Isis Swaby

9 to 5 (1980, PG) 

August 3

9 to 5 (1980, PG) 
Short: Girl Boxer by Emily Sheskin 
DJ Ripley

42 (2013, PG-13) 

August 10

42 (2013, PG-13) 
Short: LOSTFOUND by Shakti Bhagchandani 
DJ Chibuikem & DJ Quesquecest

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, R)

August 17

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, R)
Short: The Rabbit Hunt by Patrick Bresnan 
DJ 100dbs

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