The KING👑is Here

"Show Me The💰 Money"!

Producer/Director Ryan Coogler

The wait is over "Black Panther"

           MARVEL STUDIOS 

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....ACTION

We predicted this MARVEL🎥STUDIOS film, "Black Panther" would be the Blockbuster Superhero film of the year! Marvel superhero a symbol of PRIDE, INSPIRATION for many, as the nation rallys around BLACK HISTORY MONTH!  The director's vision, Ryan Coogler is making another kind of history outpacing all superhero 🎥 movies in advanced ticket  sales: CHA💰CHING a CHING💰!!!

The moment this 🎥 film starts you feel the generated excitement and the global depiction of the fictional African nation and the fierced proud people who live there! The KING 👑 of WAKANDA represents Black Excellence! That inspiration is especially poignant with the rally around Black History Month!  You 👀 see the cutting edge technology, hear👂)))the DOLBY sound and 👀 see the revered female warriors, a young woman genius, who's a scientist and a 👑King everyone can look up to.

There's no denying that there's never been a 🎥 movie quite like this, so embrace it, enjoy it, and share your experience as we are sharing with you!  

from left:Okoye(Danai Gurira), Nakia(Lupita Nyong'o)& Ayo(Florence Kasumba)

Yes: watching "Black Panther" is definitely and most certainly an emotional 🎥 movie going experience!  This may also dispell the Hollywood myth of black narratives not being bankable💰! In the words of " Jerry Mcquire, "Show Me The💰 Money"!😀

'Black Panther' villain

Michael B Jordan Erik "Killmonger" Stevens 

This villain is a rare, and has no disappointing moments, in my opinion! To say the least, he makes you feel his pain! This pain that is inflicted by his Black Panther Royal Family closest to him.  Jordan's character travels to Wakanda, the fictional East African country that's home to superhero Black Panther, in order to dethrone The👑King portrayed by Chadwick Bozeman, who for the record did not have to audition for his role in this MARVEL🎥STUDIO film!

By no means, or stretch of the imagination, this film🎥is on its way to be talked about for many years to come.  I can only imagine the trending topics and panel discussions that will be talked about on college campuses and during Film🎥Festival's!  I will 👀 see it again this month and on my 🎂birthday🎂 March 2nd 🙌 YAY 🙌


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