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(Director, Shawn Cornelius, discuss scene with CreativeFlo Production on the set🗣Action🎬)

(DeUneque📺TV's Director, Jorge Álvarez-W. on the set)

🗣This @imdb 🎞film @whateverittakesthemovie anticipated Winter 2020 realease Is our 2nd feature documentary📽film this😍 year! The array of vibrant, dedicated, 🤪hilarious😂cast members 🤣both on📽camera & behind the scenes🎬should make for a good Dramedy🎞screening. Not only did Comedian Shawn Cornelius produce, write, direct, and star in his first feature production, but scored the amazing 🎹music🎶for this feature project as well!

This new film project is📽shot by @acreativeflo produced, written, directed, & starring Shawn "Romantic Funnyman" Cornelius, and Omar Moore. Whatever It Takes: The📽Movie "When Blood Runs Cold" should draw attention turning network executives heads who are looking for new projects! 

Watch Tráiler NOW:  


(The Cast: Whatever it Takes:The📽 Movie) 

(Director Shawn Cornelius, CreativeFlo Production, Actor Kevin A. Coleman) 

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